Meet Beth Donnelly Cabán.    Yoga Teacher,  Nurse,  Childbirth Educator.

“I know a lot of prenatal yoga teachers,  but Beth Donnelly Cabán is THE Prenatal Yoga Expert.  It’s why my wife and I went to her when we were having our 1st child and it’s why I was inspired to produce this important work for everyone to benefit from.” 

 - J. Brown

The physiology and anatomy of a pregnant woman is unique,  and requires a yoga practice wholly its own.   Many yoga teachers have dabbled in Prenatal yoga,  but few have the depth of experience and expertise in this area as Beth Donnelly Cabán. Beth is both a veteran Hatha Yoga teacher and a Registered Nurse who has specialized in the therapeutic application of yoga and meditation to pregnancy, labor and postpartum for over twenty years.  Beth studied directly with Swami Satchinanda in India and at the Integral Yoga Institute in New York City.   She been teaching prenatal yoga since 1998 and instructs the Integral Yoga Prenatal and Postpartum Teacher Training Programs in New York city,  as well as being certified Midwife Assistant, labor support doula, and childbirth educator.     

Women have known since time immemorial that movement helps with pregnancy.   And yoga practice is uniquely suited to support women through the ever-changing demands of pregnancy. Beth will guide you through everything you need to know for a strong and healthy three trimesters.  We invite you to give yourself or a loved one, the gift of this Essential Prenatal Yoga Video with Beth Donnelly Cabán.

The Essential Prenatal Yoga Video -  Summary

The Essential 60 minute Practice for all 3 Trimesters:

1 - Introduction

2 - Opening

3 - Warm-Up

4 - Flow Section

5 - Balance Section

6 - Wind Down

7 - Relaxation

8 - Closing


Extra Features (10 minutes each):

1 - Some Practical Physiology OF PREGNANCY



About the Video

a   J. Brown Yoga Production.  

Like its predecessor J. Brown’s Yoga Video,   The Essential Prenatal Yoga Video  is truly an independent production.  Handmade by a handful of yoga people,  using natural light and natural sound at the hearth of an actual living room,  rather than artificial TV studio perfection.   And rather than just a filmed class, these yoga productions are created to be useful practice tools,  designed for the constraints of the video experience and with great care taken to preserve intimacy and clarity.   In this case,  we inter-cut Beth (serving as our 1st trimester-mama) with 2 actual pregnant mamas,:   our 3rd trimester-mama Chandra (who is also yoga teacher), and our 2nd trimester-mama Karisa (who is not a yoga professional).   The three illustrate variations for making the practice truly one’s own; not just an imitation of what the teacher is doing.