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is it OK for me to do this video if I have never done yoga before?


Absolutely.  You can just start with the 7-minute program and slowly work your way through the 15-minute, 30-minunte, 60-minute, and then 75 minute.  It may be that you will never need more than 7 minutes, but each program offers a little more challenge and you can explore them at your own pace.


is it OK for me to do this video if i am out of shape?


Yes, definitely.  The exercises are designed to help facilitate and maintain health.  There is no previous experience or level of ability required to get the benefits.  It is a gentle but powerful tool.  And just the act of taking care and paying real attention to your own body can be greatly beneficial.


is it OK for me to do this video if i have an injury?


As with any injury, consult with your primary care health professional.  The information on this video and website do not take the place of medical care.  The 7-minute, 15-minute, and 30-minute programs are designed to account for most common ailments and conditions.   The important thing is to only work within the limits of your pain.  If you are not sure of your limits then you will need to get some help in making that determination. You are welcome to email J with your situation using the contact form below and he will give specific recommendations on how to utilize the video, taking into account your needs.


sales / technical faq


Can I buy one if I live outside the U.S.?


Yes.  The DVD is zone 1.  Which means it is regional for the US and Canada.  However, most computers these days will play zone 1 and, for those that do not, it is also possible to use a free multi-regional DVD player software:  We have included an international shipping option.  If you have any questions, please contact us below.


Is the DVD available by digital download or streaming?


Yes. Anyone who purchases the DVD also gets the downloads for free. Or you can opt for just the downloads only.



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