Announcing the long-awaited yoga videos from acclaimed teacher and writer, J. Brown.  Containing a deeply breath-centered, therapeutic yoga practice, geared towards well-being, intimacy with self, and lessening of pain.  In that way,  it truly is for anyone.  Whether you are a complete beginner or an advanced practitioner.  You are in the right place.  Take a breather with J. Brown, in this singular yoga practice and teaching. 


The Essential Yoga Practice



This is THE yoga practice.  The exact same sequence J. Brown uses in every class he teaches, adaptable for every student he teaches, and the same self-practice he uses himself. Its root-pose simplicity and everyday repetition provide for deeper assessment and adaption than “variety-pack” yoga classes. This is the yoga practice aimed at feeling well above all.

Developed methodically over 20 years as a teacher and lifetime student in the great tradition lineage of “the teacher of the teachers”, T. Krishnamacharya, and ongoing at his Ahbyasa (“practical”) yoga center in Brooklyn, NY where this series was filmed.

At the heart of this form of self-care, is a genuine focus on breathing in both talk and deed. We find that the breath, more than the muscles, is the source of strength, flexibility and healing.  

It's all about learning to make yourself feel well vs. achieving impressive looking poses (and continuing to feel pain).  In that spirit, we are pleased to offer this yoga practice tool of singular quality. 


J. Brown's Yoga Practice - DVD + Downloads

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    • The Extended 75-minute Open Practice
    • The Full 60-minute Basics Practice
    • The Half 30-minute Practice
    • The Quarter 15-minute Practice
    • The 7-Minute 'I Don't Have Time' Practice
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Workshop - Online Course



There's nothing in this workshop that you need to know.  In fact,  we'd say you can just do some yoga practice and then go live life,   but if you're curious...

This new online course takes us deep into the practice and philosophy behind J. Brown’s slow and strong, powerfully intimate, breath-centered therapeutic yoga teaching.

Building upon his teaching lineage: T Krishnamacharya (“the teacher of teachers”), TKV Desikachar, Mark Whitwell and UG Krishnamurti, J has codified 20 years of teaching experience into a singularly healing yoga practice that adapts to individual needs.  

“Intimacy is the new power.”

This is J’s signature workshop that he has given to thousands of teachers and students around the world, captured on video for the first time. Countless yoga teachers and students have experienced this teaching from J, and the consensus is clear: “This video is important,  and should be required viewing for all yoga teachers.”

“Attention To Breath And Body To That.”

At once both a revolution and a return to the ancient roots of yoga.
This is the yoga practice that simply aims to help you to feel well.

Organized around a mentality which stresses breath before poses;  simplicity and attention over striving and achievement.

“Should be required viewing for all yoga teachers”



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  • 12 Hours of video in eight 90-minute sessions featuring lectures, practices, demonstrations and discussions.  Learn directly from J. Brown in his first ever online yoga course.
  • Filmed in a lush, documentary style at a beautiful retreat setting with natural light and sound so you feel like you’re in the room.  
  • Stream Online or Download for Offline Viewing
  • Never Expires - Take the class at your own pace and in your own time
  • Class Workbook - An accompanying workbook illustrates the poses and principles behind J. Brown's teachings, to help you get more out of your workshop.
  • Office Hours - Submit your questions and comments for J to respond and share with other students taking the course
  • 100% Exclusive J. Brown’s Online Yoga Workshop is only available at
  • Hours can be applied towards Yoga Alliance's Continuing Education (CE) Requirement that ALL Registered Yoga Teachers (RYT)  receive 30 hours of yoga training every three years.
  • 100% Guarantee - We offer full refunds up to 30 days after purchase.
  • Perfect for all teachers and inquiring students.
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