Announcing the long-awaited Yoga DVD from acclaimed teacher and writer, J. Brown.  Containing a deeply breath-centered, therapeutic yoga practice, geared towards well-being, intimacy with self, and lessening of pain.  In that way,  it truly is for anyone.  Whether you are a complete beginner or an advanced practitioner.  You are in the right place.  Take a breather with J. Brown, in this singular yoga practice. 


PROMO: "Slower is Stronger"   Music "Retrograde" by James Blake

PROMO:  "Gentle Is The New Advanced"   Music: "Fratres II" by Arvo Part

EXCERPT:  The Full 7-minute practice with extra teaching commentary.

EXCERPT:  From the 75 Minute Practice,  Sun Salutation with Extra Teaching Commentary. 


The Ultimate Yoga Practice Tool

The DVD includes 10 different practices at 5 different lengths from 7min to 75min.   Over 3 hours of yoga practice in total with a customizable teaching commentary and amplified breathing soundtrack.  It makes this  a truly different and renewable yoga DVD.