The Essential Yoga Practice



Slower Is Stronger

This is THE yoga practice.  The exact same sequence J. Brown uses in every class he teaches, adaptable for every student he teaches, and the same self-practice he uses himself. Its root-pose simplicity and everyday repetition provide for deeper assessment and adaption than “variety-pack” yoga classes. This is the yoga practice aimed at feeling well above all.

Developed methodically over 20 years as a teacher and lifetime student in the great tradition lineage of “the teacher of the teachers”, T. Krishnamacharya, and ongoing at his Ahbyasa (“practical”) yoga center in Brooklyn, NY where this series was filmed.

At the heart of this form of self-care, is a genuine focus on breathing in both talk and deed. We find that the breath, more than the musclulature, is the source of strength, flexibility and healing.  

It's all about learning to make yourself feel well vs. achieving impressive looking poses (and continuing to feel pain).  In that spirit, we are pleased to offer this yoga practice tool of singular quality. 

NOTE:  Breath sound is amplified for teaching purposes.  Your breathing doesn't want to be forced;  just relaxed,  measured and even.


J. Brown's Yoga Practice - DVD + Downloads



    • The Extended 75-minute Open Practice
    • The Full 60-minute Basics Practice
    • The Half 30-minute Practice
    • The Quarter 15-minute Practice
    • The 7-Minute 'I Don't Have Time' Practice
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“My pain disappeared and I began to sleep again. The effects were so powerful that I wanted to introduce others to the practice. So, I enrolled in J’s teacher training program."

Rachel King


“J is bringing something new to the table here....softness towards uncertainty, and a sober regard of self, other and relationship."

Matthew Remski - Author, Threads of Yoga

"This yoga helped me deal with the anxieties of life as a police officer.  Helped me be a better father.  A better husband.  Overall, a better person.  And I am glad I found it."

Angel Arrieta -
Retired NYC Police Officer

“Changed my life in so many ways—sounds like an overstatement, but it’s true. I can’t thank J. enough. Give it a try and find out what it feels like to be pain-free and more resilient than ever.”

Elizabeth Stephens

"This simple breath-centered practice is how I changed my stomach.  I stress a lot.  Everything goes to my stomach.  But this practice shows me again and again that I can make the stress go away and not hurt anymore.  It just feels good."

Alexandra Kueas

“Highly recommend new DVD by J. Brown. So different and wonderful. Tremendous back pain relief.”

Amy's Yoga Journey


"This video from J. Brown is important.  Please watch it.  J. is a lifetime student in the great tradition lineage of Professor T. Krishnamacharya, "the teacher of the teachers."  

Mark Whitwell -Teacher & Author - Yoga of Heart and The Promise


“Practicing with J. Brown yields a profound experience of my strength and my heart;  he is a gifted and treasured teacher to me.”

Elena Brower -
Founder, ViraYoga
Author, Art of Attention


His steadfast commitment to the teaching of breath-centered, individualized asana practice has made him a leading proponent of the deeper, therapeutic applications of yoga...I recommend this new DVD produced by my friend and colleague J. Brown. 

Leslie Kaminoff - Founder, The Breathing Project. Co-author,  Yoga Anatomy


"J. Brown offers yoga that allows us to practice what many of us really need - slowing down, and listening to our breath and our body.”

Neil Pearson - Chair of the Canadian Physiotherapy Pain Science Division