Practicing in person with J. Brown yields a profound experience of my strength and my heart; he is a gifted and treasured teacher to me.
— Elena Brower - Founder, Virayoga. Author, Art of Attention
J is bringing something new to the table here....softness towards uncertainty, and a sober regard of self, other and relationship. In a word: empathy. Or as J has it: gentleness.
— Matthew Remski - Author, Threads of Yoga
I came to yoga because I was in a lot of pain. I have type 1 diabetes, fibromyalgia, colitis and ashtma. I am always looking for something that can help. I was looking for yoga where I didn’t have to be perfect. I found it here. It’s released pain in my body and my mind. It has brought me a lot of peace. I use it all the time. It has helped me tremendously.
— Roberta Karp - Retired Schoolteacher
This simple breath-centered practice is how I changed my stomach. I stress a lot. Everything goes to my stomach. But this practice shows me again and again that I can make it go away. I can make the stress go away and not hurt anymore. It just feels good.
— Alexandra Keus
i am forever grateful for your “simple breath-centered practice”. i feel that i may lack the words to describe how powerful and important this method has been for me.
This practice has allowed me to grow both physically and mentally. as i become more aware of my body through breathing, i have learned to love myself and my limitations.
— Nikki Van Ekeren
Practicing this type of yoga is being given the opportunity to practice according to my actual personal situation. The focus on the breath creates new energy and relaxation at the same time. I get the opportunity for self reflection in a physcial and mental way and at the same time ENJOY my practice.
— Barbara Frei - Yoga Teacher, Mom
Hi.....just wanted to let you know I received your video on Saturday and have done all segments. It is absolutely one of the best classes I have taken, via DVD or in real life. Slow is indeed the new advanced. Thanks.
— Alice Strauss
I’ve been enjoying your DVD since I received it. Been practicing each day. I still have the 75minute practice to enjoy, but I’m looking forward to it. I enjoy the sequences and your commentary. I also enjoy the way I feel at the end of my practice. Thank you for this DVD.
— Andy Keene
Did the 30 minute practice this morning and then finished up with meditation. I’m so happy to see this type of practice catching on. It’s the way I love to practice and they way my students want to work. There’s so much more time to feel the small stuff that whispers when you practice this way. Thanks for the DVD and your blog posts.
— Kit Spahr
J Brown Is The Jedi Of Yogis. His yoga is about the most difficult practice I’ve seen. Gentle really is the new difficult.
— Brian Leaf, Author, “Misadventures Of A Garden State Yogi”
Thank you J. This breath based yoga has been my partner, my refuge, an aspect of my life I take with me everyday. Having studied variety of different forms of yoga prior, I found I could finally relax, stop the struggle to achieve and succeed. I salute you in your path, your teaching, your words and your guidance
— Ernessa Bergman
I received this DVD for Christmas from my son and I am thrilled! Love J. Brown and now I can enjoy his yoga in my home, which unfortunately is very far from Brooklyn.
— Connie Cauvel
I would just like to send my appreciation for the DVD which has been serving me some weeks now. Though I have been doing yoga for quite a while, I never really understood the power of the breath, especially as a mouth-breathing asthmatic who struggled to really get to grips with the ujjayi breath in a strenuous Ashtanga practice and almost gave up on yoga because of that. Despite exploring other styles/traditions I have found that few teachers really truly teach breath over physical asana, so I have found your approach very liberating. Thank you again and I hope to practice in your studio when I visit NY this year.
— Rochelle Del Gunter
J, you have no idea! I keep singing praises all over the place. “Helpful” is an understatement :) I’ve never had anything give me the relief that this DVD does. And that’s a really big deal b/c I have chronic and severe back pain (but not so severe anymore!) Love love love this practice.
— Amy Paige Siniscalchi
This video from Jason Brown is important. Please watch it. J is a lifetime student of the great tradition in the lineage of Professor T. Krishnamacharya, “the teacher of the teachers.” Krishnamacharya the teacher to B. K. S. Iyengar and K. Pattabhi Jois has curiously been ignored in the popularization of Yoga in the West. Here Jason carefully elaborates the ancient principles brought forth by Krisnamacharya and demonstrates how to add them to the yoga you know and love. It will make yoga entirely your own. efficient, powerful and safe. Or, if you have never been to a yoga class this the best place to start. This is advanced yoga for perfect beginners.
— Mark Whitwell, Teacher & Author, Yoga of Heart and The Promise
This yoga helped me deal with the anxieties of life as a police officer. Helped me be a better father. A better husband. Overall, a better person. And I am glad I found it.
— Angel Arrieta - Retired NYC Police Officer
J. Brown offers yoga that allows us to practice what many of us really need - slowing down, and listening to our breath and our body.
— Neil Pearson - Chair of the Canadian Physiotherapy Pain Science Division
I have the kind of mind that likes to create negative and self-defeating thoughts and I’ve truly experienced the healing, good feelings that come with this breathing. And when I take the time to add movement to that breathing — do some twists (often in my bed or on the couch), — it starts to release that tension and those thoughts.
— Brooke Insley - Student, teacher
Changed my life in so many ways—sounds like an overstatement, but it’s true. I can’t thank J. enough. Give it a try and find out what it feels like to be pain-free and more resilient than ever.
— Elizabeth Stephens
I am in my mid 40’s and started practicing Yoga in my early 30’s with various fancy yoga studios in New York City and with instructors all over the world through living aboard. The majority of the Yoga I have tried has been a dumbed down American version of exercises. It reminds me of Chinese take out food compared to my mother and grandmother’s cooking. Yoga is the one thing pulling me back to the center from the unnecessary competitive life in the city. It nurtures the soul and helps me refocus on what really matters. And my body got stronger at the same time. J’s routine is simple and repetitive but somehow, it works. The mystery of our body and mind are nurtured by his breathing focus simple practice. We seem to do so little in his practice but the gain is tremendous.
— Ines Sun- Artist
Really enjoying this video j, thank you. I am so happy my hubby brian ordered it for us! he told me i would love it and he was right. your approach really affirms how we are teaching and practicing these days. so refreshing and timely thanks again :)
— Debbie Suede
I received your new DVD last week and last night I got a chance to go through a practice. I did the 75 min. With additional audio cues. I really enjoyed my practice. It was exactly what I needed. I truly loved the audible breathing and the continued focus of breath work throughout. Thank you again for putting out this lovely DVD in the world!
— Valerie Hesslink
LOVED IT!!! Blimey, you really make sense and gave me some AHA moments. The poses were easy and accessible but nonetheless provided a fantastic workout. It left me feeling calm, centred, balanced, stretched and at ease in my body (despite the joyful excess of Christmas food yesterday). Will certainly integrate your wisdom into my teaching and I know this will do my athletic son the world of good. NAMASTE!
— Gudrun Docherty
Highly recommend new DVD by J. Brown. So different and wonderful. Tremendous back pain relief.
— Amy's Yoga Journey
I’m so glad you made this DVD. I’ve had so many wonderful moment stumbling across comments of yours, defending a gentler approach to the practice, lately! As someone outside the Yoga Teacher stereotype myself (I’m The Fat Yogini), I teach very intentionally to the demographic of students that are terribly under-served by the the athletic/hard-body/aesthetic-driven teachers and studios that seem so prolific. The students who come to me are those who don’t feel they “fit in” in a ‘stereotypical’ Yoga studio and truly want, need (and appreciate) a gentler, more methodical approach to the practice.
— Lisa Papez
Just wanted to say thank you, so much, for your practice video. I’ve done a couple of sessions now, and can’t tell you how much I appreciate the simplicity & sincerity of the practices on it. Thank you for honoring the tradition while keeping it real & accessible. I look forward to asana practice again — and it’s been a while since I’ve felt that way! (Can’t wait for the streaming video, too.) All the best.
— Andrea Porter
I am just about to do the hour class...I love this DVD!
— Carole Schroeder
I love this DVD! It is so healing on all levels.
— Jenny Tumas
It’s difficult for me to put into words how much I enjoy (and “enjoy” isn’t the correct word — it’s not rapturous, even contentment doesn’t quite fit) your DVD. The additional commentary is so supportive, especially in the savasana practice. I deal with complex developmental trauma (think: traumatic stress endured over years versus PTSD which is usually a one-off experience) that is rife with anxiety and depression. Being encouraged and allowed to not be and not do is such a relief. Thank you for creating this exceptional practice.
— John Davis
I love it!!! It is so helpful. The teaching commentary and amplified breath soundtrack keep me on track during the exercises. The 7 and 1/2 minute and 15 minute segments are wonderful on those days when I think there just isn’t time for Yoga. But with those, there is time. Thank you for creating the tape and sharing it with the world.
— Paula Ingalls
My pain disappeared and I began to sleep again. The effects were so powerful that I wanted to introduce others to the practice. I enrolled in J’s teacher training program.
— Rachel King
Just as I have been referring students to his wonderful Abhyasa studio in Brooklyn, I recommend this instructional videos produced by my friend and colleague J. Brown. His steadfast commitment to the teaching of breath-centered, individualized asana practice has made him a leading proponent of the deeper, therapeutic applications of yoga.
— Leslie Kaminoff - Founder, The Breathing Project. Co-author, Yoga Anatomy
J. Brown’s Yoga Video is a “game changer” for any practitioner or teacher of yoga. His method is consistency itself. Yet his style is inclusive of the whole human experience. Not just the body or the mind or the soul, but all of it together.
— Dechen Thurman
My experiences as J’s students were so profound, that I became his producing partner; helping him to make videos and a podcast. One day I will leave this earth, and among the things of value I will leave to my daughter, near the top of the list, is this work
— Josh Sitron - Producer, J. Brown Yoga
Thank you so much for your Practive DVD. I just cracked it open and did the extended practice this afternoon... it was really just so wonderful. Sitting there at the end, watching you roll up your mat and walk through the studio, brought tears to my eyes. I don’t know how else to explain my response, except it was an intense felt experience of integrity. Your work with yoga practice is so incredibly soulful and honest, and your choice to bring the integrity of your work into a form of media that is so often garish or overwrought, just touched me in a very deep way. That you’ve held your ground when the dominant culture seems to be asking for something else...
— Carla Monzo - Mover, Teacher
What Really resonates with me about this practice is the notion that you are enough. It’s about honoring the moment exactly as it is.
— Sarah Kauffman - Actress
I come in from a cold, wet rainy bike ride home from work to find a DVD from my NBYBINM (newbestyogabuddyI’venevermet) J. Brown... It’s so honest and truthful and cuts to the core of what yoga really is, and what is wrong with so much of what people know of as “yoga” in this currently handstand-hungry climate. Big OMs! Now to keep the dogs off the mat while I practice...
— Brian Kroeker
I could write a long bio/explanation to show you just how much I have wanted to find this practice that you are teaching! Suffice it to say that I LOVE it! I love the practice, I love the philosophy. My 56 year old hurting body has finally found what it has been needing. My heart has found a home in your philosophy of “only what is needed to function and experience joy”. Of all the feelings that have bubbled up in me..........strangely, the feeling of Relief seems largest right now. I suppose that shows how I’ve experienced an underlying current of anxiety about my yoga practice and my body’s demands that it change. So grateful for your new DVD! All Blessings to you!
— Darlyne Rolph
Hooray! J. Brown is the real deal. Honest, straight-forward yoga practice.
— Dunia Best Sinnreich
I was diagnosed with herniated discs in my back. I spent years doing physical therapy. I got an epidural, reflection distraction, iontophorisis, and many other types of therapies. But nothing has given me the results I have gotten from this yoga. I never thought I would be pain free again. I’ve really gotten to live the life that I want to live. It has given me so much.
— Ross Cauvel - Professional Surfer
Thank you so much for your commitment to a truthful and authentic yoga practice that can be enjoyed by all..everyone deserves peace and is so heartening that there are so many others who wish to pass on heartfelt teachings for the benefit of all. Om Shanti Shanti Shanti.
— Jane Craggs
Even after (or especially after?!) a long time practicing yoga, I am really loving your DVD. It resonates and works. Thanks for making it!
— Monica Raqs
I am so thankful you made this DVD. As I mentioned a few weeks ago, I have a new baby and am challenged physically and emotionally. This practice truly soothes my system. I can’t thank you enough. Om Shanti.
— April Jenkins
Amazing. I’ve seen a lot of yoga videos, and this really looks and sounds different. I especially like that the breathing sound was really high in the mix, and the hand-held camera angles.
— Emma P.



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