You should hear clear, good quality, uninterrupted sound from J’s clip-on microphone.  But you might see blurriness or short freezing of just the video on occasion.  This is expected.  The video quality will improve over time as the technology gets better.

If both the sound and the picture are interrupted  (no audio,  frozen screen or a spinning circle):

   1)  Wait a few seconds.  It often corrects itself on its own.

   2)   If more than 30-60 seconds pass with no sound or video…or if the freezing of sound and videohappens often or repeatedly .. try these steps until it improves.:

  • Refresh or reload your browser window. You may have to re-enter the password.

  • If the problem persists, quit your browser & then re-open it and the window.

  • Failing that restart your computer. then re-open your browser and jbrownyoga live window.

  • Finally, reset your modem / router. Turn it off, wait at least 10 seconds, turn it on. In a couple of minutes when it comes back online, try again.

   3) If none of the above steps improve your situation,  there might be an issue with your internet connection / wi-fi or the settings on your device (computer, tablet or smartphone). In that case, contact the technical support line of your internet service provider, or your computer / device.   You can save time by running a speedtest before you call (it’s something they will almost certainly instruct you to do.)  

Go to: and click ‘Begin Test’.  When the test is complete. write down the results (two numbers:  one for upload speed, and one for download speed).

Finally,  no matter what the problem is, if the issues are bad enough that you are continually unable to have a yoga class with us we are happy to issue you a refund for the current month.  Just send us an email request.